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Accessibility and Inclusion in Email Marketing

200 billion emails are being sent daily, and at least 2.2 billion people have vision impairment. Yet, most of the venues’ emails are still inaccessible and exclude blind and disabled audiences. What does this mean for your audience and your venue?

Making your emails accessible and inclusive is key to getting your message across to all audiences. Watch our session to learn how to embrace the full range of human diversity.

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About the webinar

Together we will take a step forward and know:

  • What steps does your organization need to take to welcome and empower those with different backgrounds
  • What disabled audiences need to know before attending your venue
  • What different assistive technologies do people use, and how these work
  • Some of the quick content-based changes that can be made to ensure a better experience for all users

Watch our session to learn how to remove barriers and welcome audiences with a diverse range of needs.

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Hosted by

Caspian Turner

Working with arts and cultural organisations to make digital experiences accessible to everyone.

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