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Beyond Tickets

Creating Digital Forward Event Experiences for Showare Venues

Are you ready to take your audience engagement to new heights? During this webinar, we will dive into the remarkable capabilities of crowdEngage and how it can revolutionize your events.

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About the webinar

During this 30-minute session, we’ll uncover how accesso Showare venues can elevate every event with digitally enhanced experiences, seamlessly personalized through SMS & email communication, making engaging with patrons effortless.

Discover the extraordinary benefits that crowdEngage unlocks for accesso Showare venues:

  • Digitally enhance event experiences
  • Seamless entry with mobile tickets
  • Timely communication via SMS
  • Effortless digital ticket sharing
  • Personalize SMS & Email Communication at scale
  • BONUS: 5 Messaging Optimization Tips

Hosted by

Alicia Chism
accesso Showare

Chris Waldmann
accesso Showare

Alexa Valentine
Activity Stream

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