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Make your messaging relevant and your customers feel seen

Is your messaging relevant? Watch our webinar to learn how on-point messaging will improve your customer experience and loyalty.

Audiences expect communication to be relevant and timely, which can be challenging to teams already overloaded with various tasks – especially if they don’t have strong profiling across data silos.

The consequence is one-size-fits-no-one communication and poor results, as audiences get captured by other venues, streaming services, or high-budget acts.

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About the webinar

This session breaks down how data and smart tools can help your communication and how to make customers feel seen and appreciated.

In this 45 min session, you will learn:

  • What do your visitors think of the traditional event messaging
  • How other sectors tackle the challenges in successful communication
  • How to get started with on-point messaging
  • Understand how to map out the communication journey
  • Running multi-channel communications as an advantage
  • Learn how to tweak messages to trigger stronger responses from your audiences
  • Get new ideas for high-impact, low-effort comms to get you started

Grab your notebook and watch the recording already today.

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Hosted by

Martin Gammeltoft

Chief Business Officer


Lucy Crowe

Sales Director