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Partner Webinar with AudienceView

An Activity Stream hosted webinar and joined by representatives from AudienceView we will show how the tools can help you engage your audience and sell more tickets.

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About the webinar

An introduction to new tools to help you sell more tickets! Watch the webinar to learn more about how Activity Stream works with AudienceView, enabling organizations to build hyper-targeted segments and deliver email campaigns in just a few clicks.

There is more to it!

  • Quickly understand customer buying patterns
  • Create segments to set up high-conversion targeted campaigns
  • Set up relevant communications depending on your audience
  • Track your customers’ engagement with user friendly reporting dashboards and data visualization
  • Engage your audience with top-selling copy, conditional blocks, drag-and-drop email templates

Register and learn how our integration will help engage your audience and sell more tickets.

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Hosted by

Martin Gammeltoft

Sales Director


Alexa Valentine

Business Development Director, US